Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Biphobia never ends...but you don't have to take it.

Since the biphobic posts keep popping up all over my Twitter, I had to make another post...just for the fun of it.

This post will be updated every time I receive a biphobic comment or see biphobic comments online.

Biphobes, you are welcome! 

But Rowan, why are you hiding the screen names? Well, I don't want to make those people popular or help their posts go viral. I prefer to call them out on their ignorance without giving them free publicity... Also, I don't believe in bullying, so this works better for me.

These first two tweets showed up in my feeds this week (this is only Tuesday...).

I'm not sure what's up with all those people who think bisexuals actually want to sleep with them. Please, get over yourself and give us some credit! 

I can assure you there isn't a bisexual who would want your nasty mouth and hissing tongue on them. Gross!

Also, we have taste, so stop flattering yourself.

And PLEASE, do yourself a favor and learn how to spell if you're going to hate. The end of your tweet makes no sense at all.

As Enzo would say:

Thank you!


Interesting because I’ve been with the same person for 15 years, and I never cheated. Also, he's the only person I’ve ever slept with in my life.
I guess I’m not bi enough, huh! Mmm...

Also, you people need to choose... I thought Miley was “too straight” to be queer. Now she’s “too bi” to be trusted.
Please choose your weapon of choice... Are we too straight or are we too bi? Can't be both, bud.

Besides, Miley is not bi, she’s pansexual. Please respect the label people give themselves. It’s not for you to choose what label people want to use. Thanks.

Biphobes and panphobes everywhere, “Miley Cyrus is just another straight woman pretending to be queer. She’s never even been with a woman. Bisexuality and pansexuality don’t exist.”
Same people a week later, “Miley Cyrus is proof enough that bisexuals and pansexuals are greedy sluts who can’t be trusted.”

Make up your mind, people.

(Oh yes, by the way, I'm self-promoting without shame on here because it's my blog... Please, keep the biphobia coming. I need material for my books.)

Biphobia never ends when you're bi, does it?

To my bisexual family, here are two songs for you:

If you see biphobia around, speak up! We don't have to take their ignorance without a word.

Love you bunches, my bi family.