Saturday, July 28, 2018

Are all bisexuals into threesomes?

ANONYMOUS: Are all bisexuals into threesomes?

It is a stereotype to think that bisexual people are automatically into threesomes. 
Now, there is nothing wrong with having a threesome when everyone is consenting. 
However, no one should ever feel forced to have a threesome, just like how they shouldn't feel forced to have sex.

Technically, when someone asks a bisexual for a threesome, that can be seen as exploitation of the person's orientation (unless the person asking is also bisexual). 
Usually, it is not meant that way, but it is still fetishization of some sort.

My question would be, "Is the person asking for a threesome so the bisexual lover may explore their sexuality, or does the person want a threesome to satisfy their own fantasies? If the bisexual person agrees to a threesome with the same gender, will there be a threesome with another gender as well? 

The answers to these questions help us tell if the person wants a threesome so as to share an experience or if they want a threesome only to satisfy their own personal needs.  

No matter what, if a bisexual person doesn't want to have a threesome, they don't owe anyone one.
We do not owe anyone sex of any kind.